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#102241 (In Topic #20039)

Fan in training

This should have been a simple modification to when a member registers...

Latest version of ocportal, new site setup through auto install scripts.  The basics are working well.
What I needed to do is "Catch" user registrations and "Sync" (create an account) on another Mysql
database at a remote site.  So I read up on things, copied the ocf_join.php to sources_custom and
dropped my own php file in the same directory with it. 

End result output is:
[ Could not connect: Access denied for user 'mrjpmyth'@'localhost' (using password: NO) ]

This occurs during the Join process after hitting save on the user join form.  And here is my script.
I figure I am doing something very simple wrong, but I am not much of a PhP coder, I do c++/c#

​(original code above ... Starting at line 332 in ocf_join.php)

    //Mythic DEBUG
    ewaction_register( $username, $password );
(original code below..)   
    // Send confirm mail
    if (!$skip_confirm)

And my little file: ewgame.php


$host_ewgame = "";
$user_ewgame = "xxxxxxx";
$pass_ewgame = "xxxxxxxxx";

// Here we receive the update from smf
function ewaction_register( $username, $password )
    global $host_ewgame, $user_ewgame, $pass_ewgame;
    if ( !(isset($username) && isset($password)) )
        die("Empty input data");
    $link = mysqli_connect($host_ewgame, $user_ewgame, $pass_ewgame, 'Xxxxxx' ) or die('Could not connect: ' . mysqli_connect_error());

End result: Full error report...

PHP WARNING [2] mysqli_connect() [<a href=''>function.mysqli-connect.php</a>]: (28000/1045): Access denied for user 'mrjpmyth'@'localhost' (using password: NO) in sources_custom/ewgame.php on line 18 (version: 9.0.11, PHP version: 5.2.17, URL: /ewproject/index.php?page=join&type=step3&

Now I have had this working on my Test Server using Smf, but I liked the looks of OcPortal and
when I moved to a commercial hoster I went with you guys and now I am unsure why it no longer
works as it should.

Originally I had been using $host ="xxx";, etc... but when I got the wrong user/host I changed the
globals as I thought it might be a Global clash, but even with the $host_ewgame change, it is still
giving me the above errors..

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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You need global $host_ewgame, $user_ewgame, $pass_ewgame; before the initialisation of the values for it.

While you have your initialisation code in the global scope of that particular file, you are including the file within a local scope (require_code inside a function). Hence it executes as local scope and nothing is automatically globalised. You then jump out to ewaction_register, a different local scope.

I realised this as it said it wasn't using a password, because PHP auto-casted unset variables to blank.

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Fan in training

yep, I'd figured that out on the road on the way to work this morning :)  I was use to "Including" the file not activating a function.  The useage here thru me.
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