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Mixing HTML and PHP in a minblock

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All my previous programming instincts are telling me that I should not do this, i.e. separate presentation from programming constructs - my background is real time embedded stuff in power systems and we always kept them separate.

So would it be acceptable to fill a variable with HTML code as the PHP executes and then perform a single echo at the end to output it back to the comcode page with the mini block on it ?

I did some digging around how other miniblocks have been written and they tend to create a new ocp_tempcode() object and then use methods like attach and evaluate_echo to create the presentation html (or possibly tempcode). the do_template parameters look strange and hard to work out particularly the _GUID code - is there a tutorial that explains how this all fits together ?

I know that I could be "dirty" and mix html and php but o would like to learn more about OCP and try and be as disciplined and "clean" as possible.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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Templates are actually pretty trivial. _GUID is just another parameter. We automatically generate them via a script, before we make a major release. It's so different calls to the same template can be distinguished.

So do_template just calls a named template with a load of parameters.







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