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is there a real su function for the ocportal system

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#55820 (In Topic #12128)

Fan in action

Improve authentication system

Iam a member of Super-Moderators group. When I login, lot of edit functions showup in each section which is not desired for a normal viewing.. (I know these links like "edit menu" "control functions" are not really disturbing), just a personal experience and expectation…

user interface should be like, whnen even the Super-Moderators login, he should browse around as just a member of "member" group.

and suddenly he feels like moderating / editing some contents out there.. clicks on [Moderators or adminzone] link specifically shown to him with [if_in_usergroup]and he gets all the control functions…

- something like a su function in *nix..

may be a bad idea..or already in there.. (Iam not aware- auth and permission settings seem to bit complex) just a thought.. if it can be built to ocportal system.

oCPortal - rocks - I like it
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Community saint

You can easily change permissions for "Super Moderators" to be like members… is that what you're asking?

Eric DeMars . com
My electronic portfolio and personal site. Uses ocPortal!
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Fan in action

not exactly…

Iam already in "Super-moderators" group. I have most of the priviliges as admin.

Now, when I loginto the system, I dont want to -see edit icons)

and during the stay in the website/portal, if I like to edit the contents, I will (sudo to root) click on adminzone zone link and get authenticated to do the control functions…

if Iam not clear, pls let me know, I will try to write to be more illustrative..

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