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Improving Gallery File Efficiency and Organization

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#60964 (In Topic #13254)


Problem: One area I can forecast having issues with down the road: the Gallery user file organizational structure.

When a user creates a personal gallery, their uploaded files are intermingled with everyone's gallery files in the same folder (uploads/galleries).

Even with only a small number of contributors, the number of files that accumulate from different users starts getting extremely large. Users are always modifying their gallery, so that means even more files accumulating due to the large number of orphaned uploads, which have to be deleted manually one at a time (an extremely time consuming task)

Proposed solution: Code OCP Gallery module so that each user's file uploads are contained within their own unique subfolder (uploads/galleries/username). Now a user's uploaded gallery files are organized and separate from any other user's files.

Deleting orphaned uploads or removing a user's gallery files who has quit or banned will be MUCH easier.

I would dread managing uploads/galleries if there were several dozen users (imagine several hundred users) with galleries using the current organizational structure.

Alternate solution: When a user deletes an image file from their gallery, the software should completely delete it from the server. This does not appear to be occurring in tests I've made. Even when 'Delete fully' is selected, the file becomes orphaned and remains on the server. This eventually becomes a critical issue with a large number of users on a server with modest disk capacity.

Also, I wish I was smart enough to code this, but I couldn't code my way out of a wet paper bag :lol:

However, with each improvement in the efficiency of this product from both the user perspective and the managerial backend comes increased prospect of it becoming THE preeminent portal product of the future. I can already see it on its way. Thanks!
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I believe there's a hidden option for this. Please check the hidden options in the bottom of our Code Book document.
It's not on by default as it can't work on servers running PHP's "safe-mode".

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