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How to get a simple box to box in my miniblock

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#105328 (In Topic #20537)

Fan in action

How to get a simple box to box in my miniblock

What is the difference between a miniBLOCK and a miniMODULE?

I believe I have created a miniBLOCK, but it might be a miniMODULE.
It displays a picture of the current moon phase.
I want to surround it with a box, since it is being displayed on the left panel, and most other things seem to have a box or at least a title to them.
I've tried to use {+START and <box> and {BOX} and all sorts of things, but it either doesn't surround the picture of the moon with a box (with a title) or it blows the page up.
Here's a picture of my moon mini-something; how would I put a titled box around it like the other mini-something's have on the left panel?
And then, if anyone want's the finished mini-module-block, just mention it here and I'll post the whole finished code and directories.
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Community saint

Try this


<div class="box"><div class="box_inner">
<h3>Title if you want one</h3>
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