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#72608 (In Topic #15233)

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Ability to Force password changes to users and/or groups

I once had one of my sites compromised because an admin of my site used the same password as his login to another similar community site that he used to login to admin on my site. The other site obviously could figure out his password so they used it to login to my site with his credentials allowing them to further find sensitive info to other sensitive areas etc etc and lets just say not good!

So I not only rewrote the entire login system to allow me to choose from whichever hashing algorythm available  (like whirlpool, ripemd, sha etc) instead of the default md5 (which these days are so easily rainbowed) but I also created a logging system to store old passwords (hashed and some plain disallowed ones set by me like password, pass1234 etc)  for a user when it was changed as well as a method to force change. I could choose by group or user or userlevel (ie all admins and/or moderators type thing) and the system would make a random temp pw for everyone store the old password and then email them new temp and logout all sessions and force them to make new password on next visit. With my ability to store old hashed pwd's (along with a hashing scheme used ie salt and algo etc) I would be able to compare each persons new password (even if I changed to a new hashing scheme) to the old store and if I found a match insist they pick something else. This way I could periodically force changes on users and be sure they were comming up with something new and unique reducing the likelyhood they would be using the same passwords on my site as they use elsewhere.

Anyway I was wonder ing if:
A) you had any kind of force password change mechanisim in the system and if so where can I find it?
B) if not is it something you might consider adding to a new release one day?
C) And/OR could you save me some time in pointing me in the right directions to which files I would want to be editing if I wished to write my own version of my above description for ocPortal? I am sure I could find all the places like I had to with my old system but with that one I was also much more familiar than this one but even with that one there were several places that needed editing for everything to work right not forgetting things like user password reset request pages and/or temp password holding tables etc.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Nothing built in for this I'm afraid. Authentication goes through the forum driver layer, sources/forum/ocf.php. Password template is FORM_INPUT_PASSWORD.tpl. JS field validation goes through JAVASCRIPT_VALIDATION.tpl. Some validation is done in sources/ocf_members_action2.php ('ocf_check_name_valid').

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