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Duplicating the Member Code

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#98234 (In Topic #19403)


I have found some of the code I need to duplicate the member list page, but I haven't been able to find the ability to add the sorting and paging scripts.

I am pulling a roster in through an API and want it to display like the members page.

Where can I find the source code for the sorting script and adding the sort buttons/logic and paging.


Russ Teicheira or - OCPortal Install
 - Profile Site that needs updating - Tech Blog that I need to get back to
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So long as you know programming, it shouldn't be too hard.

These are the three main functions for the UI:
  • results_field_title (defines field header templating)
  • results_entry (defines individual result row templating)
  • results_table (defines the surrounding interface)

You compose some results_field_title together using PHP arrays, to form the combined header.

You compose some results_entry together using Tempcode attach, to put the rows together.

Then you pass it, and some other stuff (all defined in the documented API / observable by many examples), to results_table.

That's all UI work. The actual sorting and pagination is trivial, it's simply done within your database query (usually query_select). results_table will have bound UI widgets to the GET parameters needed to determine sorting and the start position in the result set, and the maximum number of results to return.

The only real caveat is you need to be careful to not read in the sort order from the GET parameter for it and put it straight into a query, because that's a vulnerability.
That is why you see code like:


      if (((strtoupper($sort_order)!='ASC') && (strtoupper($sort_order)!='DESC')) || (!array_key_exists($sortable,$sortables)))

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Thanks.  Hopefully that will help.

Russ Teicheira or - OCPortal Install
 - Profile Site that needs updating - Tech Blog that I need to get back to
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