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Does ocPortal have a $db object?

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Hi Chris,

I am working on some importers and while I notice that $db is used in most I have not found where that is being instantiated and am thinking it may come from the other CMS's db object. I just can't seem to find where that is being included? I could keep looking but I thought it'd probably be faster to just ask you.

I may have a couple more questions as I progress here but right now I am working on an ImportBuilder Class that is going to be very rudimentary at the moment but I hope to expand on over time making it more dynamic.

But what I intend to do in the initial phase for now is read all ocPortal config options into a temp table then read all config options of another CMS into a similar temp table and perform a match on names producing a temporary html output table of highest probable matches for config names to help in mapping config options from one CMS to another. This will make developing new importers a little easier I hope. In a future phase as I go to improve it I hope to have the output table of matches operate as a form with selectable fields as matches to actually automate the import rather than just using the output as a reference for developing the importer. But I just want to get the basic structure working as a output reference for now.

To perform config name matches I am breaking down ocPortal config names into an array of parts and searching each part against the other CMS config names the more parts that match the higher the probability of a config map success. ie:

max_AvatarWidth_upload would break down into the following parts (max, Avatar, Width, upload) which could receive a 100% probable match to UploadAvatar_maxWidth  but would only have a probability match of 75% to UploadAvater_maxHeight (I separate parts by Underscores and Camel Case)

I will sort my output by the top 4 matches probably.
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IIRC $db is passed into importer hook methods as a parameter, so that those hooks don't need to worry about what that database connection is.

Generally in ocPortal we just access the DB from a global object, $GLOBALS['SITE_DB'] which is the same, generally.

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