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#72406 (In Topic #15185)

Community saint

The challenge refered to in Making an addon part 1

Ok so not really knowing the ocPortal code or its functions, objects etc properly yet I will make a feeble attempt at this challenge from what I can see as possible error spots:

While I see there is an evaluate method for the object defined I do not know if this evaluate method is meant to parse the set strings inside the object but if not then one issue would like be the use of single quote around line 5:

it should be double quoted in order for $data to be parsed like so


$output.="<p>Some data: $data</p>";

othersie it could be written like so:


$output.='<p>Some data: '.$data.'</p>';

Dunno if that is what you are looking for but that is one thing that stood out to me first?
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You win ;).

I wrote that so long ago, and nobody bothered contesting, I completely forgot about the challenge.

The string concatenation/quote thing was an unintentional bug, but you alluded correctly to the real problem (running evaluate on a string, rather than a Tempcode object).

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