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customizing the side_personal_stats block

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#107279 (In Topic #20902)


Is there a way to remove the ocPortal log in fields and leave only the Facebook log in?

What I want to do is force new members to sign up with the Facebook log in only but I can't find a template or anything that gives me access to makes changes. 

Can anyone point me in the right direction?
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Community saint

Removing the login fields might not be a good idea if you have a lot of members that still need to use that method of logging in. If you removed those fields, you would need to force them to go an extra step by directing them to the login page where they can log in with their standard ocPortal login. It might be enough just to remove the Join and More links from that side block and put a message there letting people know existing members can login with the login form but new members will need a Facebook account and can click the Facebook Log In button to signup for and login to your web site. The template you are looking for is overridden by the Facebook addon and is located at themes/default/templates_custom/BLOCK_SIDE_PERSONAL_STATS_NO.tpl. I believe you will want to use the template editor for your theme and not for the default theme. This should put the changed template into themes/<your theme>/templates_custom directory. If the template doesn't get put into your theme's tempates_custom directory, you should manually copy it there so any Facebook addon updates don't overwrite your changes and revert it back to the default.
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