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Customized main_recent_cc_entries for each category

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Hello guys,

I have a music magazine that's been around for 10 years, started out with normal includes and html, moved on to home made asp cms and I decided to scrap everything for a new powerful cms and after much research I saw that ocPortal had everything I needed. It's a big project since we currently have more than 4000 reviews, not to mention all the news, reports and interviews I will be transfering so expect me to bug you in the following days. :$

Documentation is great but there are some things that I can't figure out; maybe because I have too much to do, too soon.

I have a front page with currently 4 blocks. One is a news block and the other 3 will be showing the latest reviews, reports and interviews. I really need each of these 3 blocks to be customized, depending on what they're showing.

For example I want the recent reviews block to show just the covers, 5 columns 4 rows. The latest interviews to show the artwork we're using for each one on 2x2 and the latest reports to show a list of the titles. Each block needs to have its own title and background, both in jpg. I know I can do that easily with some tempcode IFs but I need help on:

a) Removing the "Entries:" that pops up before the list of entries. I just know it's something shamefully simple that I'm missing… :lol:
b) Customizing the way that {CONTENT} is delivered. I just need general directions on that like what files to create, if I need to tweak the DB, etc.

Sorry for the long intro, just wanted to be clear on what I need  :ninja:

Thanks for any help!  :cool:
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Ok, so after a lot of searching around the templates, I might be able to answer my own questions and maybe help others as well. :lol:

Magic happens in these two templates:


a) Was pretty easy to fix, I just removed {!ENTRIES} from the WRAP file.
b) I'm working on it but it seems like it will be easy too, I'm surprised at how powerful OCPortal is once you start finding your way around, huge Kudos to the developers!  :thumbs:

I just have to add some IFs in CATALOGUE_DEFAULT_LINE and using the FIELD_<insert field number> variables I'll be able to show the content of the boxes in any way I want. Hopefully FIELD variables will work for the cover image URLs as well.

If anyone is interested on that sort of template tweaking, I'll keep you posted. :)
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