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Critical error

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#58599 (In Topic #12777)

Fan in action

cannot acces the website anymore

After recieving an email about a suspected hack attempt, (couple hours later actually) everytime i try to access the website, i get this:

Critical error - bailing out

The website's first database query (checking the page request is not from a banned IP address) has failed. This almost always means that the database is not set up correctly, which in turns means that either backend database configuration has changed (perhaps the database has been emptied), or the configuration file (info.php) has been incorrectly altered (perhaps to point to an empty database), or you have moved servers and not updated your info.php settings properly or placed your database. It could also mean that the usersubmitban_ip table or config table alone is missing or corrupt, but this is unlikely. As this is an error due to the website's environment being externally altered by unknown means, the website cannot continue to function or solve the problem itself.
Details here are intended only for the website/system-administrator, not for regular website users.
If you are a regular website user, please let the website staff deal with this problem.

Depending on the error, and only if the website installation finished, you may need to edit the installation options (the info.php file).
ocProducts maintains full documentation for all procedures and tools. These may be found on the ocPortal website. If you are unable to easily solve this problem, we may be contacted from our website and can help resolve it for you.

ocPortal is a CMS for building websites, developed by ocProducts.

Ive checked the Info.php, and it is not empty, although im not sure how many lines its supposed to have.

Is there a way to reset, or do anything to fix it?
Oh and im not sure if thats related, but last night i was getting 500 internal server error for couple hours...
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Fan in action

Eh, nevermind somehow i managed to find and nail the problem…
The way i understand it, that hacking attempt crashed the Translate table in the MySql database, which in turn caused the critical error.

Dont ask me how i found that the translate table was crashed and needed repairing…
Somehow i ended up reading the "ocPortal Tutorial: Manually editing your database with phpMyAdmin" and figured that this is probably the thing… well it worked   :thumbs:
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