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Moving forward with Composr

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Converting e107 site to ocPortal

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#105797 (In Topic #20636)

Fan in training

how to move site to new CMS

Hi all,
I'm an admin/editor of community portal which run at e107 v1.0.4 CMS now.
I need upgrade CMS (more reasons).

ocPortal looks fine for me (more than good!).

Question: is exist some guides, examples or add-ons for importing e107 contents to ocPortal?
I need import:
  • e107 news
  • e107 forum
  • e107 users list
  • e107 users classes
  • e107 private messages
  • e107 downlad/upload section
  • e107 pcontent (additional plugin)
  • e107 scontent (additional plugin)
  • e107 faq (additional plugin)
  • e107 lexicon (additional plugin)

Where I have to start?

Many thanks
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