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Fan in training


So I tried to add a PHP code in the header, and I got this message:
The hidden allow_php_in_templates option is not turned on, so PHP code in templates will not run. The option is described in the ocPortal Code Book, available from The standard practice for your use case is to create and reference a miniblock, as it separates concerns well, promotes re-usability, and provides a security barrier.

How do I enabled allow_php_in_templates? And how do I create a miniblock? I do not have any experience with PHP and stuff, all I wanted to do is to do add a Php include.

Hope to hear from you soon!

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Community saint

To set a hidden value to true, open up OcCLE (under the 'tools' section in the Admin Zone or clicking the symbol at the bottom-left of any page) and type :set_value('<name>','1')

So to enabled allow_php_in_templates you would type:


in the OcCLE command prompt.

Note that it is not recommended to enable allow_php_in_templates as it is a security risk as described in the Code Book as follows:
This allows you to write PHP code inside templates, but please aware there are strong risks associated with this. It means that themes you install may contain PHP code, or people submitting Comcode content may put in PHP code which you could accidentally unwittingly activate when validating content (as it
would be validated against your own security credentials).
As for miniblocks, see Creating Miniblocks from Third-Party Code - ocPortal

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