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#101793 (In Topic #19965)


I'm hoping someone can explain this option to me a little more before I make a decision about possibly incorporating it into my website.

Some of the questions I have:

1) When a user trys to join without being invited does it give an option to request membership acceptance or something of the like?
2) As an admin, do I have any responsibilities in managing invites like "validation"?

Any other input or advice you have for me is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance - Mike
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If you enable invites (the "Invites enabled" option), new members may only join if they have received an invite by an existing member.

Invites are made via the recommend module. The recommend module changes from just being a tool for referring people to the site (or a page on it), to being the method by which invites are sent. When a recommendation is made, a checkbox is shown whether to use an invite with that recommendation, so long as the recommender has remaining invites.

It is up to the website staff to ensure the recommend module is linked into a menu, so members can find it.

Members have a limited number of invites to use, determined by the "Invites per-day" option. Other than this, there are no controls or restrictions on invitation – it is fully automated.

There is no direct way to request an invitation. Someone must know someone who is already a member to get one. If admins wish to hand out invitations, they have unlimited to give. Of course, admins may also set up new members manually. Invitation-request could therefore be implemented manually, via a contact form.

An invite will only work if the invited user signs up using the exact same e-mail address that an invitation was sent to.

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Chris, you are awesome! That's exactly what I was looking for. Thanks so much.

- Mike
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