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Fan in training


I'm new around here - just getting to know ocPortal.

I'm concidering different structures for my website. By default are many important modules (different catalogues, CEDI) all in one zone - Site. I would like different catalogues or sometimes even catalogue categories to be in different new zones.

But Site Tree editor warns: "Please note that it is not recommended that you move modules, as this will make upgrading difficult – make page redirects instead"

Page redirects woun't give me wanted accessibilities and menus, that are defined within zones. So the question is should I still do it? How serious difficulties may I get when upgrading?
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Transparent page redirects allow a module in multiple zones.

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Community saint

Hi arru, welcome to ocPortal!

Just to take Chris' advice one step further (as I've used this feature in OCP extensively): adding on to the transparent redirects, you can also place links so they end up at a module as if it's the root, displaying to the user as if the module is in the current zone. Here's an example of what I mean using catalogues:

For sake of argument, you have a site zone and a extras zone. In your catalogue tree, you can create two categories from the root called "site stuff" and "extras stuff". You would then add a redirect (make sure to check the little box when adding it to ensure it's transparent):

Next, when creating your links (using the Adminzone menu management tool) for your visitors in your "extras zone" you would use something like:


Items of note:
  1. At the beginning of the link I'm using the zone where I want visitors to remain for this content, "extras" in this case.
  2. At the end of the link I've added the root= bit. In this case, the 3 represents the id of the catalogue category extras stuff

You can play around with this using the breadcrumb links. Hover and you'll see the tooltip suggestion for going to as root.

Finally, using basically the same methodology, you can use completely different catalogues (not just catalogue categories as in the above example) on a per zone basis.

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Fan in training

Thanks, I'll try.
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