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work with images in page

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#28474 (In Topic #6544)

Community saint

Sorry, I am new to the system.

Editing CEDI page I can insert images as an attachment

But in this website I saw plenty of nicely inserted images. Looks like this was done with some special code

for instance
or some expanding buttons at the bottom of page

I tried to use exp_thumb tag, that I found on tag list, but the page said:

A resource requested within some Comcode (the exp_ref tag) does not exist.

BTW, how could I disable Wysiwyg editor by default?
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The exp_ref tag looks for images in the data/images/<zone-name> folder.

The WYSIWYG editor can't be disabled by default without some template editing. The editor is going to get an upgrade in our next patch release though :).

One way to try and get the WYSIWYG disabled by default is to change line 10 of JAVASCRIPT_EDITING.tpl from:


   return (cookie=='') || (cookie=='1');


   return (cookie=='1');

I haven't tested that though.

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