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Which spiders/bots do you disallow in robot.txt?

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#77290 (In Topic #15904)

Community saint

Just curious to see what spiders others are disallowing.

I recently denied access to the former Soviet Bloc countries and China in .htaccess and also disallowed Yandex and Baiduspider in robots.txt. Yandex was well-behaved but the the Baiduspider chose to keep searching my site until I blocked it in ,htaccess. I'm still getting hit by quite a few bots with user agents like "bot*" and "spider" and am wondering what other disallows others are using.

I suspect I am being scraped by a bot with no user agent. I understand that this is a tricky situation as MSN/Bing use "undercover" bots to check for SEO trickery so an outright ban on anything without a user agent might be unwise.

What have you included in your robots.txt and which bots are ignoring the robots.txt file?

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