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#39086 (In Topic #8767)

Fan in action

I, as admin, want to approve each user.

My site will be a closed site to a few hundred people in my condo development.

I would like to approve the request to join rather than letting that happen automatically.

Is there a way to do this? In other words:

1. User registers.

2. Admin reviews and approves or rejects.

3. Email sent which allows them to enter or rejecting their request.

Thanks in advance.


Added to by Emcher. I guess I could make all users who register, get the email with the link to officially log in, start at the newbie level with minimal priviledges. Then I could upgrade them to another user level with full priviledges.

Does that sound reasonable?

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you can setup it so that new users must be approved by a admin. Look in your content management -setup - forum. activate the option :
Require member validation  

I think thats what you wanted!.

good luck.
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Fan in action

That's exactly what I was looking for. Didn't associate that with forums. Thought that would be under a site wide type config screen.

Thanks much! :)
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Fan in training

I just did this and it works great. Thanks for the advice!

I want to clarify how to get there to set this up:

Admin Zone => Setup => Configuration => Forum options

Check off "Require member validation"

Click Proceed.

You're all set!
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