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using zones and redirects

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#49545 (In Topic #10798)

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It's the Chipster again, although lately it should probably be, "The Pester!" BG

Just stop me, and point to the post if this has already been answered.  I've read and read, but I may be using the wrong search terms.

Ok, I've designed a Group and forums, catalogue, download and image category, a CEDI page+tree, and zone for each U.S. State.  Now I need to start bringing it all together, and just hope I've not gone about this the wrong way

I have a zone named Alabama, and have documents and a catalogue on information for the state of Alabama.  In my Alabama zone right panel, I have the topics from the Alabama forums showing fine, and my images and downloads appear ok.

Now the CEDI and catalogues are in the cms zone.  Is that correct?  And can I use redirect on them so that for example, in my Alabama zone I can show my Alabama CEDI pages and catalogues, and if so what is the proper syntax?  And can't I do that with my forums so that when a person clicks on a message in the right panel they don't leave the Alabama zone?

I've looked at the redirect tool, and see the examples, but from what I'm seeing it appears you have to know the page name.  That's fine for regular pages like rule and start etc.  How do you do it with forums, cedi pages and so on?
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