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Using match-key permissions, an example

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#53151 (In Topic #11579)

@MeCanX asked me on Twitter how to make a usergroup subscription get hidden, so someone can be given a lower subscription rate.
Well, without lots of fiddling with templates I don't think that's possible, but I can think of a reasonably easy way to make it inaccessible. It just requires some ingenuity.

  1. Add a new usergroup, "Subscription discounts". Make it hidden.
  2. Go to view that usergroup, and add the lucky user to it as a secondary membership.
  3. Add the usergroup subscription.
  4. Go through to purchase the subscription, getting to the 'message' screen.
  5. Look at the URL. It will be something like http://baseurl/site/index.php?page=purchase&type=message&id=-1&product=USERGROUP3. Turn this into a match-key, by picking out the distinguishing parts. To do this you need to know how match-keys are composed: zone:page:type[:id]:[something=value:[something=value:[…]]]. In this case we are leaving out the ID because it's irrelevant to this particular match-key, and we have one extra value we tacked on: product=USERGROUP3. In this case it would be site:purchase:message:product=USERGROUP3.
  6. In the Admin Zone, go to Security, then Match-key restrictions.
  7. In the first match-key box, paste the match-key (e.g. site:purchase:message:product=USERGROUP3)
  8. Check (tick) the usergroups you do NOT want to have access. This is all usergroups except "Subscription discounts".
  9. Paste the match-key in the first "Match-key permission-denied messages" box also, and set a message like "Sorry, this is not a publicly available subscription.".
  10. Click 'Save'.

You will now find nobody but admins and the "Subscription discounts" user(s) can access the usergroup subscription without seeing the "Sorry, this is not a publicly available subscription." error.

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