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Using laptop as server

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#49306 (In Topic #10751)

Fan in training

Hi I want to set up a website and Id like to use my laptop as the server as I have no idea what Im at.

I want to learn how to use ocportal and make my website before I start paying for a web host.

I followed the provided tutorial "using windows as a server" several times and I still cannot get ocp installed.

Then I tried downloading wampserver and installing ocp but no joy.

There seems to be a problem now with port 80, because the first time I installed apache it used port 80 so now when i try installing again I get told port 80 is in use, even though I deleted apache.

Can anyone help me?

I think the main problem is resetting port 80 and setting file permssions to manually install ocp. Neither of which I have managed to do.
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Fan in training

Ok so I reinstalled wampserver.
PHP and MySQL seem to work fine but apache doesnt.
It is not installed and when I click install service I get a message saying "your port 80 is actually used by Apache/2.2.11 (win32) PHP/5.2.8
cannot install"

I deleted all the previously installed apache files I could and yet port 80 is still in use.

What do I do?
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Honoured member

Uninstalling Apache through add/remove programs does not remove the apache service from service manager.  Don't ask me why.  To remove apache from your list of services:
1. Run Regedit or Regedt32
2. Find the registry entry "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/Services"
3. Look for the service there and delete it. You can look at the keys to know what
files the service was using and delete them as well (if necessary).
alternatively, you can also use command prompt and delete a service using following
sc delete < SERVICE name>
or to create, simply type
sc create <SERVICE name>
NOTE: You have to reboot the system to get the list updated in service manager.
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