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Using Mandrill as an SMTP server

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#103816 (In Topic #20293)

Community saint


We are going to make a switch to Mandrill to manage the email that is sent out.

I have been trying to configure this in OCP.

I have a Mandrill account, password etc.
I have set up one of my email accounts to use the Mandrill SMTP and I can successfully send emails and this also shows up on the Mandrill Dashboard - so all good.

On a test copy of my site I have configured the SMTP site options to the Mandrill settings I got working above. Also I have turned on email debugging so I can see the email in the queue and force the send myself.

I have configured to be notified of all forum posts for an account on my site to one email address (a sky email account).
Then from another account I have posted to the forum.

I can see the email generated in the email queue, it looks well formed, so I send the queue.
I do not get any errors, the email appears to send, but it never arrives at the sky account or registers on the Mandrill dashboard.

I cannot see any errors in the logs or PHP errors.

Can some one help or shed some light on this please ?

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Community saint

Ok it turns out that an outgoing port had to be opened on our server
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