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#60197 (In Topic #13081)

Community saint

I noticed in your documentation below that UserGroup subscriptions last indefinitely until the user chooses to cancel them.

I just want to clarify: does this mean that OCP will charge their PayPal/Credit card account at the end of each cycle automatically? In other words if I have a monthly subscription option set up the system will charge their PayPal/Credit card each month without their intervention until they cancel it?

I was under the impression that in the case of the monthly deal that the user would have to go to PayPal once a month to stay current but if I read this correctly and it automatically charges their account that would be awesome!!!

Thanks in advance for any help in this.


Adding a capability for a usergroup subscription

Usergroup subscriptions are implemented on top of subscriptions. Set up a usergroup description as follows:
  1. Add a usergroup that members will be able to subscribe to. Make sure it is not 'Open membership', otherwise people could join it without paying.
  2. Assign additional access to this usergroup (or remove access from some of the other usergroups!).
  3. Go to the Setup section of the Admin Zone, then the eCommerce icon, then the 'Add usergroup subscription' icon
  4. Fill in the form. Be aware that a '5' 'monthly' subscription means someone pays 'every 5 months'. It does not mean a subscription is paid every month and lasts for 5 months - subscriptions last indefinitely until the user chooses to cancel them.
  5. Provide a path for members to visit the purchase page so that they may activate their subscription. You do this via the site:purchase page-link, which can be inserted into a template, Comcode page, or most simply, onto your menu using the menu editor.

You can add as many usergroup subscriptions as you like. For example, [by adding more subscriptions]you could make it cheaper to subscribe yearly than monthly.

Rick Henson

OCP 4.3.2 & 5.0.1
PHP 5.2.5
MySQL 5.0.51a
FireFox 3.6.8
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Community saint

Another question to add to this for my own curiousity….

My webhost does something like this when signing up for one of their services. The only problem with my webhost cancellation is that if you cancel the account on their website, it does not cancel the paypal side and you have to do that manually (stupid).

So if someone does cancel and leave a "subscribed" group, does it automatically cancel the paypal side of it as well?

Eric DeMars . com
My electronic portfolio and personal site. Uses ocPortal!
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rick - yes, PayPal handles the magic here.

Eric - unfortunately ocPortal is the same, but we're aware of this and it may change in the future.

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