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User access to Admin Zone and 1 other question

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#42671 (In Topic #9514)


Ok…testing a users ability to post news article (v3.2.10). After submission, the test user is then directed to a follow-on page, and one of the options available at that point is to access the admin zone (via the global navagation bar in image below)? Permission is denied at the tested users level, but shouldn't they not see any link or reference to admin zone?

I've checked access to admin zone in permission tree editor and the settings there are correct (no view access for this users group permission). Have I overlooked a setting for permissions somewhere?

Also…how do I find a cms insertion point for the news archive so as to provide a link to news posting archive on the front page? The only cms insertion points I have are add news, and edit news. The only way it seems to access news postings is if there is a news posting on the front page.

Sorry I ask so many simple questions, but thanks very much for any help.
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You raise a good point about that icon.

The following replacement for sources/templates_interfaces.php should fix it:
» Download: templates_interfaces.php (29 Kb, 136 downloads so far)

(file is for v3 - but please take a backup just in case there's an incompatibility)

For the second question…

Look under Site\news in the site tree, rather than CMS\cms_news.

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That cured both problems…wow, much appreciated!!
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