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user group subscription requirements

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#105556 (In Topic #20586)

Fan in action

wondering if it is possible to have user group subscription requirements

Another question.

I am wondering if it is possible to have a requirement of belonging to one user group in order to be able to purchase a second user group subscription.

I will try to describe what I am trying to accomplish.

On my site I would like to have a general membership as well as a number of special memberships. In order for a person to purchase one of the special memberships I would like them to have to have already purchased (and to have an active) general membership.

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Non-joined user

It's possible, never tried to do it but you could manually reassign users from one paid group to another if it cannot be achieved automatically (though that's piossible too).
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Fan in action

To the guest poster - a manual process will not work for this, people need to be able to automatically subscribe to and pay for memberships.

The basic reason for pursuing this configuration is economics and service to the members. The vision for the site includes various special focus groups besides the main part of the site. If you have a base site membership that can be priced at a level to support the site and the group memberships be priced at a minimal level then people can join more of the groups without it adding up. If the group memberships are priced higher, that discourages people from joining more of the groups. If the group memberships are priced really low without a base subscription, then the site does not get the support it needs.
(My apologies if I have not described this well enough.)

I have not been able to figure out a way to do this.
Could this be a possible enhancement?
Can it be added by adding some code to the registration process?
Could it be added to the user group joining definitions, i.e. instead of open membership without requiring any special permissions an open membership that requires an active "core" or "base" membership?

Chris or Fletch or BobS - any chance of getting your take on this?
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