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unexpected UI behavior and usability

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#76840 (In Topic #15824)

Community saint

most often this is some sort of screen refresh or shift in focus

It could be me, but I find some of the UI behavior in ocportal hard to explain.

I have been evaluating the software for several weeks now, and there is no doubt that from a functionality perspective ocportal offers a pretty comprehensive web-based cms. I'm 90% convinced that ocportal is the right choice for several projects I am facing.

But I just can't get my head around the UI which is cluttered, overly animated, and in some cases out-right annoying. In most cases I adapt to the idiosyncrasies, ignore the clutter, or turn off the wysiwyg functionality. But sometimes the UI behavior really gets in the way.

One example: Consider the simple task of editing the contents of a text box. In the menu editor I go to the text box to change the name of the menu. I click once to establish focus, and then double click to select the contents. The text is selected, but the screen focus is also changed. And the screen scrolls to the related Link information below. Double-clicking on the Link contents scrolls you back to the Menu name. (screencast link is: 2011-11-14_0910 - baycroft's library)

I suppose I understand the intent of the behavior, but I find it counter-intuitive. Behavio(u)r like this has a significant impact on usability.

Honestly, I think it is the admin UI that is my main problem with ocportal. But for this I think I would adopt ocportal to manage our web and customer portals. To be clear I haven't made a decision yet. However given the amount of time I have put into this, I thought it made sense to share my perspective.
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We have a patch for an improved menu editor interface we did for a client, but we haven't had the time/resources to integrate that back into the mainstream ocPortal yet.

I'd be very happy to make improvements to the UI. The first step to that is getting feedback, which you're really helping us a lot on here. But honestly, the second step is getting someone to pay for the changes.

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