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Two Questions: Upgrading & Tranfering Site

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#56454 (In Topic #12267)


Have a question on upgrading and on transfering the site

Your help is appreciated.

I haven't upgraded my ocPortal since
Feb. 2009 once I got it up and running.

My question is this: Is it as easy as me
clicking on the UPGRADE hyperlink in the
Admin Zone? I would love to experience
the new benefits. ;)

My last question: It possible to copy my
site to transfer to another host with all
the content in tack? Like hosting the
same one with two separate hosting accts.

Thanks for all the feedback, insight and
help from everyone.

Continue to have an awesome day!

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Community saint

Hello WontBeDenied!

I do not think that you would have any problem with the current "Update Script" which has been thoroughly tested by now. Just make sure to get the correct one for your version.

Suggest you read this tutorial on how to prepare before transferring your site to a new server. HERE

I sent you a private topic with a few pointers on the subject, as I had to go through it a few weeks ago. Hope it can help.

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