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Two Questions

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#20467 (In Topic #4790)

Fan in action

Converter and Security

Excellent peice of software script you have here. From the looks, it will do everything I want it to.

I just have two questions.

1. I have a Simple Machines Forum right now. Is there a coverter out there where I can use this forum instead? Or can one be made?

2. How good is the security on this software? Is it strong against attackers, or is it like php-anything and a 2 year old could crack it….im wondering as I will have very sensitive data on my site, and it needs to be solid.

Thank you very much in advanced for your reply.

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Hi :),


We don't have one at this time, but if you're willing to 'sponsor' a converter, we can do one for you at a reduced cost to what we normally charge for custom development.

Alternatively you can integrate ocPortal with SMF when you install. This isn't a preferred option (it takes some work to make the styles fit together nicely, and it's not as 'smooth'), but it's completely supported out-of-the-box.


ocPortal is probably the most securely designed PHP script out there. I know that sounds like hype coming from the creators, but it does stuff nothing else does - it actively *looks* for potential hack attempts and reports them. We also have strict programming guidelines for security, a system for making security-related programming errors less likely, and some automated scanning technology to catch out security problems in our code that we run before we make releases.

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Fan in action

Wow, that was the quickest response I ever saw…thanks! I was hoping you would be quick, as if I didnt get one for a couple of days, I wouldnt have used this.

Anyway, alright. I will see what I can do about that converter.

And thanks for being truthful…I will trust this script…I just hope that attacks are always under control.

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