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Trying to access OC via Godaddy host

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Fan in training

no clue how to proceed

Clearly I know much much less than most of the users I see in "here".

I have downloaded OCportal into my godaddy host account. I see it in the cpanel, but am clueless how to access it. Godaddy won't help with 3rd party stuff....

Is there some sort of tutorial or knowledge base that could help me?

Any directions would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!!
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While not godaddy specific, the basic installation tutorial for ocPortal is here: ocPortal Tutorial: Basic Installation -

You may also want to check the web hosting requirements tutorial here: ocPortal Tutorial: Web hosting for ocPortal -

A quick outline of the installation:

-Create a database for ocPortal. This can be done in the Databases section of cPanel. Write down and save the database name, username, and password; it will be needed when running the ocPortal installer.

-Get the ocPortal files into the proper directory in your web host account. If you only have one domain name on your account, the directory is probably named www. You can use the Automatic Transfer option on the ocPortal download page if you are familiar with FTP. Otherwise you will need to put the downloaded archive in your www directory and use the File Manager app in cPanel to extract the files from the archive. File and folder permissions may need to be changed (see the installation tutorial link above). You may be able to install without issues with the default permissions and then use the ocPortal upgrader tool to automatically fix the permissions afterward.

-Now you can run the installer by typing your domain name into your web browser address bar and adding /install.php onto the end (your_domain_name/install.php).

-Finally, you can run the Setup Wizard. The Setup Wizard link will be shown on the final page of the installer when the installation is complete.

If you are not familiar with these web hosting tasks (cPanel, creating mySQL databases, FTP, file permissions) or find the learning curve a little too steep and you just want to get a web site online, you may want to consider switching to a web host (like that has a good web app installer (like Softaculous) that supports ocPortal. And lastly, if your website is meant to be a personal or hobby related site, then have fun. If your website is meant to be for something bigger like business or ecommerce, then have a plan.
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