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Try to import from Invision : Suspected hacking attempt

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#19425 (In Topic #4507)

Community saint

I've a forum recently converted to IPB 1.3Final. When I've installed OCP (2.6.2) I selected that I want to use this forum. I wanted to migrate it to OCF, so I've done the followings:

Admin area -> Import –> selected IPB 1.3.x –> new import session –> set the path to IPB –> selected only the first option –> GO –> "An error has occured  ,  Suspected hacking attempt"  O_o

Here is the security log:


View security alert (06 June, 2006, 02:31 PM)    
An invalid parameter ('refresh_time' as '') was sent to a script. Perhaps an XSS or SQL injection attack.


IP address
POST data
old_base_dir => path_to_my_root/ipb
require__old_base_dir => 1
importer => ipb1
import_ocf_groups => 1



IPB and OCP shares a single database.
IPB path: /ipb/
OCP path: /teszt/

PHP Safe Mode: ON

It's quite annoying, so I hope there is a solution for this problem :)

(Btw I get the same error if I want to merge two OCPs - same version)

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Try changing line 385 of admincentre/pages/modules/admin_import.php from:





If that doesn't work, try changing it to:



I'm not sure why this problem would occur, so this is just a cure of the symptom. Did it happen as soon as you started the actual import, or was it about 15 seconds in, or was it about 30 seconds in?

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Community saint

It happened immediately.

But $refresh_time=either_param_integer('refresh_time',30); + turning off safe mode was a solution. Thanks!  :thumbs:
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Community saint

To complete this story: recently I realized, that all this happened because of Safe Mode. In Safe Mode you can't set the value of the refresh time: the input filed in the Import section where you can set the value of the refresh rate only appears when Safe Mode is turned off. So there is nothing wrong with the importer, sorry for the false alarm  :$

I know disabling Safe Mode is reccomended with OCP, but I think it'd be a nice little feature to warn the user @ the Import screen if Safe Mode is On and it can cause troubles.
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