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Troubles with upgrading and language

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#97746 (In Topic #19344)


I have kept OCportal for a couple years. The first time when I configured OcPortal I had many troubles with configuring CMS for my Lithuanian language, but Graham helped me. Thank you...

Today my website is distorted because of upgrading to the newest 9,07 version. I had many errors and nobody help me.
I have reinstalled again.
Today I see no help with languages again in help documentation.

I need to do everything again not only content but configuration of language. I have some notes from previuos time, but...
it would be good to have easy language instaliation and easy upgrading like have it Joomla... :dry:

My trial to learn ocPortal
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I did reply to your support ticket on 31st May, but didn't receive a reply back. As far as I am aware, this is the only place you asked for help, so I don't understand the "nobody help me" comment :(.

Here is the Internationalisation tutorial:
ocPortal Tutorial: Localisation and internationalisation -
In particular the "Collaborative translations on Launchpad" section covers how to import a translation.

I know our documentation could be better organised, this is something we hope to improve in the future.

Upgrading does in theory only need a few clicks. In your ticket you had mentioned how you had done a "manual upgrade", which would have bypassed all the tools we have to make it easy. Perhaps the language barrier makes our instructions harder to understand, but easier upgrading is something we have already put a lot of effort into.

I would love ocPortal to have easier install of languages direct from Launchpad. However unfortunately Launchpad does not have any API we can connect to to allow this. It is something I have actively brought to their attention, but they have very limited development resources. I'm not sure how translations are done with Joomla, but it is a larger community so it would not surprise me if they have a lot of people who agree to regularly package up language packs. If translators for ocPortal packaged and released addons into our addon directory, the same would be possible in ocPortal, but I don't think there are enough active translators for this to really happen yet.

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Community saint

For a good translating you need a good understanding from English  ;) and you need many free time …..
I don't have'd  :(

Harry Photo community  (dutch)
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