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Thumbnail display for gallery

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#50604 (In Topic #11031)

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Difference in thumbnail display between IE7 and Firefox 3

In searching the previous posts by others who have had similar questions about displaying gallery thumbnails that are more than a single column of images. I added this:

style="float: left; width: 25%; text-align: center"

to the GALLERY_ENTRY_WRAP template like it indicated on the discovered posts. My issue now is that it displays differently in IE7 than it does in firefox3. In firefox there is a neatly displayed series of images 4 to the row before starting another row. It looks like I want it to.

Now in IE it displays them 3 across and they are justified to the left with a wide space on the right where the 4th image should display. That 4 image is displayed but it starts on the 2nd row where there is another 3 in a row displayed.

I have even tried to reduce the thumbnail size to as small as 110px but no change in the display.

I am testing it in 1024X768 display as a minimum resolution to recommend for surfers. The layout is in the center panel with both side panels also showing. The page display is not a fixed size but widens or shrinks depending on the viewers screen resolution.

To add to my mystery is this, if I change the edited template to display 5 across with this change:

style="float: left; width: 20%; text-align: center"

It works in both IE and Firefox! It will display in bothe browsers 5 across before starting the next row. What's with that? I may just go with the 5 across but I am confused as to what makes the difference. Is it an odd-even thing in ie or…?

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Not having tried it myself, but I would try specifying the margins as all 0px and/or trying setting to 24% to see if that just brings it in enough for IE to work it out correctly.

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