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Testing how your emails go out of OCP

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A step by step of a new user being invited and joining in OCP

To follow up with how my emails system is doing in OCP, I providing a little tutorial of what can be done to test the email system.

For emails that are generated by OCP (ocPortal) and sent to the user and/or administrator of OCP, I wanted to make sure that it out putted the correct “URL” and wording that I wanted.

My site is a member site, so what I have is a splash page, login page and the site.

Non-members can only see the splash and login screens and once they join they can see the rest of the site. Because of this layout that I have setup, I needed “URL’s” directed to the correct pages.  Redirects will not do this. Also in the Notification Lock-down under Members I have everything un-selected (for now) I found that having some of the items selected produced some strange results. Until I get a better understanding of them, I’m leaving them off.

To edit the emails, do them one at a time. It’s best to do them in the order that they would go out from OCP. Here I’m only covering the process of someone being invited to visit (In my case Join, I changed the wording in the emails) the website.

NOTE: log out of your website each time before selection the URL ling in the email, other wise you will get errors saying that you are already logged in.

1)      Member recommends the site to someone. Email goes out to John Doe
2)      John Doe select the URL link to sing-up
         (Here’s where you make sure it’s the correct URL., re-do    steps 1 and two until its correct).
3)      You should land on a Join page; accept, to move to the next page.
4)      Here is where you have the person joining enter the information you need)
5)      Next an email is both to “John Doe” and the Administrator
        (feel that the administrator should not get this email until John Doe complete his response first.)
A)     John Doe is asked to confirm his email address by selecting a link, where upon where he enters his
        email address and the code that was in the email.
B)      Now the administrator get the email that tells his that a new member has joined and the needs to
        validate him.

The problem with step 5 is that both A & B happen at the same time, I have not yet tested what would happen if I do step B before A. I will do that soon.

6)      Once the administrator has validated him, an email is sent to John doe letting him know that
         he’s been validated, and now can log in.

In each step you can copy part of the email text (I copied the text just after my Name or Website name) and in the admin zone, past it into the “Administrative search” field. When the Admin Zone Search Results page appears, look under Language for the text you want, once you find it, Select the heading (example: OCF SIGNUP TEXT) and you should be taken right to the spot where you can make your changes.

Robert W.
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Boy,  Looking back at this now, I see that I need to do better proof reading…..


Robert W
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Honoured member

Good work :)

Just Jarv
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