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Tag Cloud block yields no results

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#67760 (In Topic #14434)

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This is the first time I am using the TAG CLOUD block which will supplies its own bunch of keywords for the area selected when you install the block  …so you would think it would produce results using its own tag words to give you optional places to go to find information related to the search subject when clicked on but it always results in a message reading: "Your search yielded no results. Please try a less specific search" and then below shows the search page.

Now, if then I go and click on some content types on that search page it will THEN yield the results that are expected.

Imagine my frustration when one of the TAG CLOUD words is DINOSAURS and when I click on the word I get a "Your search yielded no results. Please try a less specific search" - since my website IS a DINOSAUR site and has the word EVERYWHERE!! O_o

So I am figuring there is something just a little off somewhere?

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This is both a bug and a design flaw.
The bug is in the add block tool. It should have put in 'gallery,galleries' instead of 'gallery'. If you make this change manually to the Comcode I think it will work.

The design flaw is that this is needed. ocPortal's meta-data is stored under a different set of names than the search system uses. E.g. gallery vs galleries. We'll fix it in a future version but we can't until we decide to do a compatibility breaking release, as it's quite a significant restructuring.

So for now, you need to specify both to the block.

You may actually want "gallery,galleries,image,images" if you want to cover images within galleries not just galleries themselves.

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