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Subcategories in Catalogues

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#57462 (In Topic #12493)


I might be missing something, but how can I create Subcategories for Catalogue Categories?

For example I have the catalogue Reviews and I need to do something like:

Reviews (catalogue)
|-DVDs (category)
     |-0-9 (subcategory)

Can't find how to create a subcategory and it seems like subcategories are supported since I get "<X> entries, 0 subcategories" when I browse a catalogue.

Also I have to use CATEGORY in a CSV when I import files. Tried adding a SUBCATEGORY field as well but it didn't work. Any help?

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Browsed through Codebook, tutorial and forum search and I can't find anything. Right now I'm kinda desperate cause ocportal's running dead slow with a few thousand entries and I was forced to break them down alphabetically since I can't wait for the patch that fixes that issue, problem is I can't figure out how to create subcategories…
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When you create the catalogue, you choose for it to be a tree catalogue. This changes terminology and linking patterns.

It looks like you found a bug, as a non-tree catalogue should not be referencing subcategories. I'll look into that.

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Thanks a lot Chris, that did it, glad we found out that little bug on the way. :)

Just another question to wrap this up, I'm trying to import entries from CSV now but I can only import in the main category.

For Example, I have a category named CD and a subcategory named A.

I tried with a single field named CATEGORY, using CD/A or CD\A, both failed. Tried CATEGORY and SUBCATEGORY field, that failed as well.

How can I import entries to their respecting subcategories?

EDIT: Tried importing with CATEGORY field having just A which worked, so I guess even subcategory names are unique. That could be confusing in case you want some subcategories to have the same name under different main categories but it still worked nicely.  :$
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Btw, can I suggest a purely cosmetic addition that would remove the bug as well?

Have a check and if there are 0 subcategories just hide the entire ", 0 subcategories" part.

That way it looks cleaner and it won't show in non tree categories either.

For example in the tree catalogue there's:

#  0-9 (12 entries, 0 subcategories)
# A (283 entries, 0 subcategories)
# B (217 entries, 0 subcategories)
# C (213 entries, 0 subcategories)
# D (324 entries, 0 subcategories)
# E (176 entries, 0 subcategories)
# F (126 entries, 0 subcategories)
# G (139 entries, 0 subcategories)

…and so on…

Would look so much "tidier" without the 0 subcategories. :)

I think that should be quite easy to implement for 4.3.  :thumbs:

Once again thanks for listening Chris, hope I'm not being a royal pain, lol.
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