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Retrieving stock answers/messages to send to members


I send 4 or 5 messages to a number of different members every day and dip into about 10 others from time to time. This can amount to 20-30 message in total each day which is very time consuming.

As these messages are almost identical every time except maybe the users name or a few word variations I store these message in my draft Gmail which I have open all the time. The downside of this is that Gmail carries with it a whole lot of formatting I don't want.

I would like to call-up these messages into the editor directly, say from a text file. Is this possible?

I'm aware of Firefox/Chrome add-ons like Roboform that could probably do the job but I don't want these messages stored elsewhere if it's possible and, add-ons like Roboform, come with a whole lot of other baggage I don't want.

If someone knows of something I could use to make this job easier I'd appreciate a heads-up.

I'd rather not run yet another program on my PC otherwise I could use Notepad++ and paste copied text into the editor in source mode. I wondering if there is a plugin for the editor I don't know about?

Any suggestions to address this question would be much appreciated.

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