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Staff Groups - Designing them right

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Community saint

I am a little perplexed as to which way to proceed on designing my staff groups for one site. I read that you intend to remove the "Staff" system in the future in your tracker somewhere I think so I am curious about what might be good ideas for desiging my groups now that won't cause problems in the future but still give me some flexibility in terms of designating staff?

Like I want to delete super moderator and super member groups and make some new groups. Lets say one of the croups will be called  staff and another group will be called cheif nose pickers and yet another master ear wax cleaners. I can obviously set up permissions the way I want for each group but I want Staff to be listed as staff and hold all the staff of the 2 other groups and nose pickers to me junior admins and ear wax cleaners to be forum moderators but with no access to admin zone. If I leave staff and earwax pixckers
Super moderator
checkmark unchecked then how do I get them in the staff list? I don't want them to have access to the whole admin zone? Sorry if this is in the tutorials somewhere but I couldn't find anywhere that explains it clear enough plus I know you're planning changes which may affect things in the future and proper setup now could make life easier down the road.
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You're a little confused, which is understandable.

The staff system and the permissions system are actually different things. Think of the staff system like a list of people the staff module shows.

We want to get rid of it because it's so easy just to create a staff page (or catalogue) manually – so we can remove some bloat and make things less confusing.

To do what you want, forget the word 'staff' and just focus on permissions. I suggest you create a new group choosing to copy permissions from super moderators, but then go and remove access to the admin zone.

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