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SSL Mixed Content (Images) not https on Panel_Left/_Right

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#110226 (In Topic #21948)

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Hi All,

I have a page that uses both Panel_Left & Panel_Right (from the Start: page) all of which have been configured for https.

Using Google's developers tools I have ascertained that that images referenced in blocks located in P_L & P_R are not being served as https so both Firefox & Chrome are complaining that I have mixed content.

Mixed Content: said

The page at 'https://mysite.tld/index.php?page=Donate' was loaded over HTTPS, but requested an insecure image 'http://mysite.tld/themes/Golden/images/contract.png'. This content should also be served over HTTPS.
...the image being the contract button for an RSS news feed.

I had the same problem with images in the Panel_Left but worked around the problem by removing all reference to images in the "hide_if_not_in_panel" section of 'templates_custom/DOWNLOAD_BOX.tpl'

Have I misunderstood...

ocPortal Tutorial: Security said

Note that a page viewed under HTTPS will use HTTPS for all images and other embedded files. The banner will be disabled to make sure this requirement is enforced. The reason for this is that users should not get mixed environment messages that warn them about potential security problems. Template makers and coders should be careful to use the proper ocPortal mechanisms for referencing resources.

I don't want to remove the RSS from Panel_Right so what am I missing?

Any help would be much appreciated.

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I imagine the cause of this is a block cached both on an SSL and non-SSL page.


1) Just make the whole site HTTPS (easiest way: make the base URL https and remove the ssl addon).

2) Turn off caching for the particular blocks

3) Do a super-fudge so that the blocks don't cache in the same cache signature.


[block="http://somefeedurl" title="Slightly altered title"]main_rss[/block]
[block="http://somefeedurl" title="Title"]main_rss[/block]

semihtml is so you can use line-breaks without it showing them. Alternative is to put it all on one line.

The Tempcode does different code paths based on if it is running HTTPS (SSL).

The slightly different titles in each case forces different cache signatures.

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