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A error message

I have upgraded the site, the only error I got was the following when doing the SQL error error being.
"Database query failed: INSERT INTO ocp4_config (c_set, config_value, the_name, human_name, the_type, eval, the_page, section, explanation, shared_hosting_restricted, c_data) VALUES (0, '', 'url_monikers_enabled', 'URL_MONIKERS_ENABLED', 'tick', 'return \'1\';', 'SITE', 'ADVANCED', 'CONFIG_OPTION_url_monikers_enabled', 0, '') [Duplicate entry 'url_monikers_enabled' for key 1]<br />"

The only other thing I found I ran the File integrity checker, and got the following issues, Do I need to owrry about them or just leave it ?

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The url_monikers_enabled enabled error can be ignored. There was a slight coding error on part which is fixed, but absolutely benign.

Everything else can be ignored except the last screenshot. This is rather odd, it's somehow failed to extract files into new directories. I wonder if you were upgrading from an old version that might have been buggy in this area (would be at least 6 months old I think) or maybe you didn't give FTP details and it wasn't able to create the new directories or couldn't extract into them. Did you see any more errors during extraction? Do the directories exist, but are empty? Regardless, you can manually upload these files from the RC2 manual installer package.

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Thanks Chris, Yeah it did create the folders but not the files. So what i did at the end I downloaded the Rc1 and then manually FTP'ed the files that I needed to add them. So now after uploading them most messages have gone, I then applied the 2 patches you have posted for us to use. I then ran the toll again and looks like this.

Which I am happy as obviously the old files it shows would be the ones we had the updates too as they would not be recognized now. So all good as I see it. :):)

As to answer you question the Beta2 I was using was only 1 week or so since we installed. And did the update yesterday.

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