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Spelling Mistakes

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#69158 (In Topic #14656)


Library of Global Phrases

Where does ocPortal keep this?

I've noticed a few spelling mistakes in ocPortal that I'd like to change.

In Profile:

Gift a gift -> Give a gift

On the top 5 Point Score board:

This page shows the top point holders for each week we have been active. ->  This page shows the top point holders for each week who have been active. 
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I don't think you're a native English speaker, and you're correcting my spelling successfully  :lol:.

Open up lang/EN/leader_board.ini and you'll find the second there.

"Gift a gift" is in a non-bundled addon. I don't particularly love the phrase myself, but it does conform to a common colloquial usage where 'gift' can be used as a verb.
Staring At Empty Pages: "Gift" as a verb
You can change it by editing lang_custom/EN/ocgifts.ini if you like.

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Haha! Good thing the basic coding system is all in one logic language itself!

I'm quite chuffed to bits about the ocPortal. It's quite fit itself but the English in it just seems to be more British!

Born and raised in America and went through American university. Also worked as an editor for a year or so on a gaming forum (IGN)! Certainly not translating any English.

Gift a gift is not technically wrong. I knew it could be used as a verb. But it sounds more right to say "give a gift."

I think it's just your British English being confused with my American English!

In some places when I was in England, there is so much slang used in a sentence that I wasn't sure if it was still English or not. The English definitely have a rich vocabulary of English slang that no American could ever truly understand. I do watch British comedy and love it - though there is much to say - that only the Brits could ever know what it really means!
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Indeed - most of us on the team are British.

But don't worry, we've caved in to certain Americanisms…such as 'center' (centre). ;)


[align="center"]This text is CENTRED![/align]

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