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slow adminZone index pageload

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freshly installed ocportal v6.11

Freshly installed ocportal v6.11, installed to localhost, under xampp… loadtime for the the adminZone index page is running 50-55 seconds. Ouch!

I have searched the forum here (optimize, optimizing, optimization, profiling, profiler) and the only relevant doc I found was this:
ocPortal Developer's Guide: General Notes - ocPortal

Although I haven't yet thoroughly traversed the app's administrative pages, aside from the admin index (welcome?) page, the pages load reasonably quickly. Surfing as a guest, or even as superuser the "front end pages" load fairly quickly as well. So, I'm wondering what I might do / hack, in order to speed that one (central!) page.

I've skimmed the app's code and see that a "xss protection" check is performed (CRC check of all the app's script files?). This is probably an expensive operation. Any way to toggle this off (and just perform the check on-demand)? Any other suggestions as to what can be overridden/removed? I'm not keen on gingerbread features that cumulatively bog the page due to myriad queries, so I'll gladly nix (or hopefully, toggle off) "users online" and whatnot if doing so will improve the pageload speed.

Also, I had hoped (something I had read?) the app would employ caching, but this doesn't seem to be the case, at least not for administrative pages. Subsequent pageloads for a previously-visited screen (page) aren't loading any quicker than the first time I visit each one.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions you can provide.
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I'm learning the system as well and hope that I can help you. The forums are great and the experts are always reading. But I do want to try and give back a little. It is an amazing CMS once its optimized for your needs.

First, have you cleared your own cache for your web browser? Definitely might help to speed things up.

In the ocPortal CMS itself you can change some cache options.

Go to Setup -> Configuration -> Site Options -> Cache

The file-system cache option may be what you are looking for.
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sounds like you are behind a proxy ria. Is that the case? The Admin Zone front page connects to our server to check the version.
I can show how to set up ocPortal to look at proxy settings.

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