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site setup question

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Fan in action

which method would be best

Hi everyone
Ok here's a question for you all regarding basic site setup and or planning using ocportal, this may be helpful to others who are thinking along similar lines, but not sure of the possibilities or potential available.

I currently have a multi national website covering just one subject matter, which on the whole is split into many many different subdivisions or categories.
It does have a lot of informative pages as well which need to go somewhere too.
I wish to import all my existing data to the new site and make sweeping changes to make new facilities available to all members.
All registered members will be able to view the entire contents of the site, visitors (non-registered) will have limited access, but I don't know how best to set it up.

Would it best to make a different zone (or what) for each country, could that zone be created automatically for them ,when someone from that country registers?
Can I provide say, a calender or forum for each country (zone).


Would it be best to have a different zone for each different category, irrespective of where the member is from?

Currently there are 28+ different categories, but they are the basically same the world over, so wouldn't need to be replicated in the zones?
Would it be possible or wise to have say, a different forum for each country (hopefully all in english) or just the one where everyone can have their say?

If for example I have a member from Australia joining they could join the Australian "zone", they would then have access to all zones and all categories, but be able to add material relevant to their neck of the woods so to speak, but what they contributed would be visible to everyone, irrespective of zones??

Or would zones be best left for membership levels?

I have read loads from the forums and tutorials and have learned a lot in the past two weeks about ocportal, but I don't want to set it up in my own way, only to find out later that it would have been better or more beneficial in the long run to have done it a different way, because of this or that, or because of what ocportal can offer in terms of useful bits and pieces.

It would be very interesting to hear your views regarding the best way to set up what is a rather complex site, if you feel you can comment and have the time available.
Many thanks in anticipation.
Cheers :)
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That's a tricky one. It's possible, except for the automated zone setup. Infact, the only really tricky thing is the fact that there are so many zones, and that as things currently are they'd each need quite a lot of manual setup. I do think having one zone per country makes sense.
What you'd need to do:
  • setup usergroups for all countries, and make them so that members may choose them when joining
  • add country categories for all content types you want (e.g. add a "United States" category under the download system root category)
  • set the permissions for all these categories according to usergroup
  • for each zone
    • set up redirect pages from site:downloads to <country>:downloads
      • repeated, for each content module you want
    • set up a menu for each zone, filled with links into the content modules, using virtual roots

By virtual roots, I mean a page link that looks something like:


That would be a menu link to link into the download system contained within the zone the menu is being viewed from. It links to category #2, and it does it using a 'virtual root' to make that look like it is at the root of the download system. So it category #2 was "United States" you'd use that link in the United States zone.
This virtual root stuff is not really necessary, but it makes it tidier – it makes it look like the content really does belong to the zone, whilst in reality there's only one download category tree.

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Fan in action

Hi Chris

Many thanks for your reply, an interesting vision indeed.
I am concerned that this could be very tricky to set up and get running, then if one small thing goes wrong it could be a nightmare to fix.
Maybe it would be easier just to have the entire site under one umbrella structure and let everyone get on with it, all mixed in so to speak.
After all, that's what a community is all about, people from different backgrounds etc working towards a common goal etc etc

My existing site has worked well for 5 years now so maybe I shouldn't change things too much :-|

Maybe someone else will come up with different ideas.


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