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Site map change <priority> and other questions

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#111275 (In Topic #22356)

Honoured member

As previously mentioned, I am recovering from being de-listed by Google after malware was linked to in one of my comment/forum posts.
  1. My site is predominantly downloads, I see that ocP rates all downloads (/pg/downloads/...) in the sitemap with a <priority>0.20</priority>. Whilst I understand that this is only a 'Hint' for search BOT's I'd like to change it to something over 0.50.

    If I manually change this, the CRON job (in my case a Windows task) resets it to 0.20 again so the question is; would it be reasonable/sensible to change this to > 0.50 and if yes, where is the figure derived from/how can I change this default?
  2. In view of my issue and the fact that Google is now only indexing 307 (non of which are downloads) of the 2603 submitted, would it be possible and reasonable to reset the <lastmod> date to today to encourage re-indexing of these pages or would it work against me?
  3. Having gone from owning the first result page in Google to somewhere in the back shed next door, does anyone have any suggestions on how I can recover my DL's status with Big G? The point is, my site is not being replaced by any competition, because there is none.
As always, all comments will be answered and any suggestions greatfully received.

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It's currently hard-coded. I've created a tracker issue for us making it configurable.
0002444: Configurable sitemap priorities - Composr CMS feature tracker
The code notes in this issue only relate to v10, it's coded very differently in v8 and v9.

In v8 and v9 it's done via the get_sitemap_pagelinks functions in module files. For example, in site/pages/modules/downloads.php.
You'll find the number 0.2 which you can change.


I have no idea what Google likes, but you can change $row['edit_date'] to some hard-coded timestamp
Epoch Converter - Unix Timestamp Converter

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Honoured member

Hi Chris,

You're a star!

1) I've reset my 0.2 figure to 0.6 as 0.5 is neutral and I don't want to over state my case :lol:

2) I've taken a gamble and reset the edit dates via HeidiSQL. Knowing how smart Big G is, I've chosen to randomly spread them over the past 2 days in the hope that this attracts less attention.

For those, like me, without Chris's extraordinary programming skills, this is my SQL query:


USE TheDataBaseName;
UPDATE ocp_download_downloads
SET edit_date = UNIX_TIMESTAMP() - floor(1 + rand() * 172800);
I'm watching my Webmaster stats along with my AWStats and will report back here if anything detrimental happens.

Thanks for all your help.

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