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#20156 (In Topic #4688)


behavior problem

First, my users love the shoutbox. However, I'm having a few problems with getting it to behave, and I'm not sure if I somehow caused the problems.

The following issues are all related to the Shoutbox/Chat feature.

1) After 5 shouts, no more new ones show up. I'm not sure if that's to be the default behavior.

2) To test things out, I created a chat room called "Shoutbox". I coded the shoutbox on the site page to be


At first, the new shouts showed up, but vanished when I refreshed the page. I checked the Chat rooms and found those new shouts ended up in the General Chat instead of the chatroom I created called "Shoutbox".

3) I emptied the messages from the chatroom, and tried more shouts. This time the shouts came through to the site page. (but still only the first 5). I checked the chatrooms only to find them empty of messages. The site page still displayed the test shouts, and I didn't know where they were at to remove them.

4) I attempted to delete the chatroom I created "Shoutbox" and got the following error.

 A language entry is missing: DELETE_CHATROOM (ocPortal version: 3.0.1, PHP version: 4.4.3-dev, URL: /adminzone/index.php?page=admin_chat&type=__ed)
Here is the stack trace:

Below is a stack trace revealing the state ocPortal was in when the error occured. If this represents a bug in ocPortal's unmodified software, you may want to check for a fix, and if there isn't one, report this as a bug. Please note that merely posting a stack trace is not sufficient for us to solve your problem; the stack trace is just an aid that presents us with additional information. We still need to know the error message, the human situation, version numbers, and any other appropriate information.
We apologise for this problem and hope you will work with us so that we can fix it promptly.
File    '/home/rpgdfw/www/www/sources/global2.php'
Line    '669'
Function    'get_html_trace'

File    '/home/rpgdfw/www/www/sources/lang.php'
Line    '525'
Function    'clean_exit'

File    '/home/rpgdfw/www/www/sources/symbols.php'
Line    '1,238'
Function    'do_lang'

File    '/home/rpgdfw/www/www/sources/tempcode.php'
Line    '1,294'
Function    'evaluate_conventional_symbol'

File    '/home/rpgdfw/www/www/sources/templates.php'
Line    '96'
Function    'evaluate'
Class    'ocp_tempcode'
Type    '->'

File    '/home/rpgdfw/www/www/sources/aed_module.php'
Line    '735'
Function    'get_page_title'

File    '/home/rpgdfw/www/www/sources/aed_module.php'
Line    '157'
Function    '__ed'
Class    'module_admin_chat'
Type    '->'

File    '/home/rpgdfw/www/www/sources/zones.php'
Line    '294'
Function    'run'
Class    'module_admin_chat'
Type    '->'

File    '/home/rpgdfw/www/www/sources/site.php'
Line    '624'
Function    'load_module_page'

File    '/home/rpgdfw/www/www/sources/site.php'
Line    '494'
Function    'request_page'

File    '/home/rpgdfw/www/www/adminzone/index.php'
Line    '42'
Function    'do_site'
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