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Set links to 3rd party signup page for new users

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#102957 (In Topic #20161)

Fan in action

As part of an integration process between OCPortal members system and 3rd party membership software I use, I want to set links to membership software signup page for new users.

This is all good when a new user hits the ENTER SITE button on my welcome zone's start page as the OCPortal site folder is protected my the 3rd party software (until subscription is purchased) and because of this, if a new user try to access the main site, they are taken to the 3rd party sign up page.

What is currently an issue is that if a new user on the the welcome zone start page instead hits join now or login links (on the main content page and the side panel login/join box) instead of hitting the ENTER SITE button, they are taken to the regular OCPortal members sign/join page.

Is there an elegant solution to this? are the OCPortal login/join links in the main content on welcome zone start, and the right side bar login box controlled by a module/s that requires configuring so that all links are directed to 3rd party signup sitewide?
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