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#100115 (In Topic #19649)

Fan in action

Can I download ocportal to my computer to have a play with it, if so.. how.
I have downloaded it and unzipped it, its just a bunch of files.
Im not an expert on hosting.

I have used ocportal before, an older version as a mod and felt comfortable with it.
Would like to have my own website.
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Honoured member

Hi and welcome to the forums. and welcome back to ocPortal.

I'm not an expert but i think you will need to run the database hosting software on your local machine for ocPortal to be able to run.

There is a online demo version as well which can be used to have a look around and you can also set up a personal demo i believe.

Just Jarv
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Community saint

yes you would need to setup a webserver on your local machine to use it. There are several options out there but it also depends on your OS you are using. If Windows WAMP or Vertrigoserv are to decent fairly easy to use ones that come with apache (webserver) MySQL (database server) and PHP (the interpreter you need to run ocPortal scripts) built into them. They're both very easy to install and run. After installling one of them you would put ocPortal into the webroot directory they created (for wamp I think it is usually c:\wamp\www\ but add a subfolder first so it is c:\wamp\www\ocp\   for vertrigoserv it is usually c:\Program Files\VertrigoServ\www\ and again add a subfolder to thisocp or whatever you want to call it.)
After installing a server run it the open a browser and surf to "localhost" there you can click phpmyadmin and create a database to hold ocPortal in. Then run the ocPortal installer which you can get to by going to localhost/ocp (if ocp is the subdirectory you put the files in)
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