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Restoring "Paste from Word"

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How to restore a misunderstood feature


Some time ago after ocPortal moved from using their own in-house WYSIWYG editor to using CCKEditor, they removed a button called "Paste From Word". What this button did was it would clean up certain formatting that programs like Word, LibreOffice Writer, and so on put into a document. Often times these things are fonts and font related tags that simply do not carry over well when pasted into CKEditor for publishing on the web.

The reason for the removal was simplicity. The dev team of ocPortal wanted to make the editor simpler and easier for us endusers by hopefully removing a redundant button/feature. So they reached out to the developers of CCKeditor for advice. The CCKEditor people obviously didn't even understand their own product well enough so told ocPortal that yeah the Paste from Word button was redundant and its features were the same as the Paste button.

They were wrong.

If you make a document in Word or Word-like software and paste it in via the paste function, it will leave in the awful looking font tags, making your page look not so good on the web. The Paste from Word button though cleans that up for you so that your document looks good for the web while still retaining importain formating such as bullet lists, tables, and font weights.

So if you are like me who does his writing first on LibreOffice (or Word), before posting them and want to retain the good formatting elements but have it look nice and clean for the web, you are going to want to restore the Paste from Word button. Luckily, that is very easy to do.
  • Go into your Admin Zone > Styles > Default > templates.
  • Search for WYSIWYG_SETTINGS.tpl
  • Remove the following:


removeButtons: 'PasteFromWord', // Paste from Word doesn't actually need separate button (

Then go to Website Tools and clean out your template cache.

Once that is done you will have the Paste from Word button back and can once again use it. After that, why not go and let those silly people at CKEditior know that they were wrong.

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