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[RESOLVED] - Lost some bttons and a drop down menu.

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Fan in action


I wanted to remove the site map and Real Time Rain buttons from the footer, so I went into Setup>Configuration>Feature Options and unchecked them. When I checked the site to see what it looked like, those buttons were gone but so was the bookmark button and the pop-up menu that says: "Admin (Select development tool)". This throws everything else in the footer out of alignment as well.

I went back in and re-checked them again and I noticed that I had inadvertently unchecked the Admin-menu button so I re-checked that as well but, while the site map button and the Real Time Rain buttons reappeared again, the bookmark button is not there and the pop-up menu is not there either. I don't even see a check box for the bookmark button listed there.
Why would these disappear and how do I get them back?

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