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removing files and folders from installation folder in public_html

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#100597 (In Topic #19752)

Fan in action

Hi :P

I installed OCPortal in a sub directory named 'ocportal' in my host's public_html
so this is fine now as i construct my site as i can access my ocportal stuff by just adding /ocportal after my domain name in the browser address bar, but at this point i now really just want to access my site just from the domain name by itself. and obviously definitely will do when my site goes online properly!

I don't think I can just move my installed ocportal contents from the subdirectory i created into public_html using my host's CPanel? without nazzing things up?

How should I go about properly rehousing my installed OCPortal site from the subdirectory into the public_html directory? would it be easier to set up a permanent re-direct to this sub-directory i created, not that i know how to do that?

I realise i should have just installed OCPortal straight into the public_html directory now...

Thanks people for anytime you give me with aiding this issue.
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Community saint

ocPortal uses relative references almost exclusively, so moving the site to a different folder on the same account should be straight forward.

The basic steps should be:

1) Backup your site - Its always a good idea to make a backup of the database and files before you make such changes, just in case.

2) Before moving your site, flush its cache using ocportal/upgrader.php .

3) Update any path references in ocportal/info.php . Typically line that will need changing is the base_url reference.

4) Update any path references in ocportal/.htaccess .

5) Move the folder.

That should be it.

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Fan in action

Hey temp1024, I did those things and it's worked this time. so thank you very much. not much altering of files to be done there, changing the base_url in info.php and changing the .htaccess. Thanks for the know how :)
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